Our Sustainability

Responsibly grown and sourced.

Generational farms succeed because owners understand the importance of sustainability. Every Burnette Foods facility is ecologically sound, using water and energy reduction practices, recycling packaging materials from corrugated to tin, upcycling fruit pits, and creating livestock feed out of by-product.


  • State-of-the-art Water and Energy Reduction Practices
  • Corrugated, Steel and Aluminum recycling
  • Livestock Feed from Apple Pomace and other Produce By-product
  • Upcycling Fruit Pits


Sustainability efforts span the entire Burnette Foods facility network. For example, our efforts in annual corrugated recycling in Elk Rapids alone, saved over 926,870 gallons of water, 437 cubic yards of landfill space, and 814,851 Kwh of energy. At Burnette, we are working to reduce our footprint for generations to come.

7405TONS of apple pomace annually sent to farmers for filler in livestock feeds. No apple waste is sent to landfills.
576TONS of steel recycled annually in the Hartford, Michigan, plant alone.
540TONS of corrugated recycled annually in the Hartford, Michigan, plant alone.
132TONS of corrugated recycled annually in the Elk Rapids, Michigan, plant alone.