our corporate image

The story of a corporate image can often be traced through the changes in its packaging and logo design — changes that are sometimes dramatic, and sometimes almost imperceptible — over the course of decades. The new Burnette image reflects the times, the style, and the changing aspects of visual appeal. But one thing that has not changed is the commitment that began three generations ago. Our brand and our mission are more significant than ever. We know that the best shelf-stable nutrition comes from healthy, lightly processed ingredients. We know that the closer the source, the better. We know that good value never changes.

Today, Burnette Foods continues to grow, harvest, produce, and distribute an array of fruits and vegetables sourced both locally and nationally.

this is our history

  • bfi_history1-300x300.png


    Theodore and Alice Mae Sherman purchase a cherry orchard in Central Lake, Michigan. In addition, brother Fred Sherman and sister Elizabeth Edwards are cherry growers in northwest Michigan throughout the 1940s.
  • 1958

    William (son of Theodore) and Marian Sherman continue the family farming tradition and purchase an East Jordan cherry orchard, relocating from Deshler, Ohio.
  • 1961

    The Sherman’s start Sherman Canning Company in East Jordan, Michigan.
  • bfi_history2.png


    Sherman Canning incorporates.
  • bfi_history3-150x150@2x.png


    Sons of William and Marian Sherman (William, Robert, and Theodore) assume management of Sherman Canning Company and begin to expand the variety of products.
  • bfi_history6-320x380.png


    Sherman Canning Company partners with Traverse City Canning Company in a joint venture to purchase Elk Rapids Packing Company from 17 Elk Rapids-area growers/stockholders.
  • 1982

    Sherman Canning Company becomes the sole owner of Elk Rapids Packing Company, initiating a phase of expansion and upgrades.
  • bfi_history4-150x150@2x.png


    The company purchases Burnette Farms Packing Cooperative in Hartford, Michigan. At this point, the three facilities become Burnette Foods, Inc.
  • bfi_history5-500x380.png


    Burnette Foods, Inc. purchases a green bean, pumpkin, and dry pack bean operation in New Era, Michigan.
  • bfi_history2011-150x150@2x.png


    Burnette Foods, Inc. purchases Peninsula Fruit Exchange in Traverse City, Michigan.
  • burnette_logo4c.png


    Burnette Foods, Inc. adopts a new logo and an updated brand identity.
  • bfi_apple-150x150@2x.png


    Burnette Foods sells their maraschino cherry business in order to explore new products, increase capacity for existing lines, and add an apple slicing line to the Elk Rapids facility.
  • bfi_historyFamily.png


    Burnette Foods, Inc. carries on under the management of the third generation and continues to honor the legacy of the Sherman family.