Burnette Foods, Inc.


locations_mapEast Jordan

The East Jordan facility is the original location and processes potatoes, asparagus, cherries and fried apples. The East Jordan plant is located north of our Elk Rapids plant in Northwestern Lower Michigan.

Elk Rapids

Located in Northwestern Lower Michigan, in the heart of Michigan’s cherry belt, the Elk Rapids facility serves as the company’s headquarters. The Elk Rapids plant processes pie fillings, maraschino cherries and various other fruit products.


Located in Southwestern Michigan, the Hartford facility is ideally located to service Detroit, Chicago and other major midwest markets. With the central location, the Hartford plant is the main distribution point for the company, and processes apple sauce, apple juice and fruit cups.

New Era

New Era, Michigan is home to our Burnette Foods Oceana, LLC facility.  The New Era Plant is located just North of Muskegon, Michigan and processes fresh green beans, fresh pumpkin and dry pack beans.

Traverse City

Most recently, Burnette Foods Oceana, LLC purchased Peninsula Fruit Exchange, Inc. in Traverse City, Michigan.  The Old Mission Peninsula Plant is a long time producer of brine cherries, the primary ingredient for Burnette Foods’ maraschino cherries.